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Iyamam enterprise is a platform for products trading & engineering services growing with growth of entrepreneurs. We boost the local entrepreneurs to raise their business standards by marketing their products. Basically Iyamam enterprise has the foundaion with its own brand "HAPPY HOME CARE" cleaning chemicals and "KARIMA" organic cosmetics.

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Evolution of humanity revolves around the search of wealth and health but the equality in attaining the both for everyone is challenging.

Raising everyone to achieve is practically near impossible but providing the ladders to climb is our goal to let them rise up 

Upgradation of Iyamam to Niyamam in order to serve the society is an ultimate goal of the IYAMAM business structure


Iyamam aspired to be a stepping stone for growth of the community by recognizing every individual's potential to raise their standard of living and mutually gets benefited. 

Quality and service satisfaction for the clients ;

Opportunity and business manifestation of entrepreneurs; 


We always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+91 63666 76976

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